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‘No ceremonial burial for the Iceman’, respond Otzi researchers

The Heritage Key
In his article “The Iceman as a burial” appearing in “Antiquity” 84/2010, the archaeologist Alessandro Vanzetti of Rome’s La Sapienza University and his co‐authors reconstruct the position of the Iceman at his place of discovery on the Tisenjoch pass in South Tyrol, Italy. From this and based on his botanical investigations, he draws the conclusion that the Iceman did not die at the site of the incident: rather he died in the spring within his valley community and only later, in September, was brought up to the Tisenjoch and buried there.

Police Make Arrest In 2001 Pa. Cold Case Slaying

Pennsylvania AP News
CARLISLE, Pa. (AP) ― A man living in a Harrisburg homeless shelter has been charged with the 2001 slaying of a woman in neighboring Cumberland County.

Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed says 55-year-old Douglas Smith is the man who killed 33-year-old Tina Myers in late 2001.

DNA leads to homicide arrest

Gary Rednour accused of killing Kimberly Paradiso

Venezuela exhumes Bolivar’s sisters

ABC News
Venezuela has exhumed the remains of two sisters of independence hero Simon Bolivar, hoping to compare DNA samples obtained from them to remains believed to belong to the Latin American leader.

DNA test sought on knife in 9 year old’s death

The Associated Press

JEFFERSON CITY | A prosecutor wants to conduct DNA testing on a knife and clothing taken as evidence in the slaying of a 9-year-old girl near Jefferson City.