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Over 1,000 DNA Samples Taken By Police

Bermuda News
Attorney General and Minister of Justice Kim Wilson today (Aug 27) updated members of the public on developments that have taken place in relation to Bermuda’s DNA database.

Since September 2008, all persons detained for a recordable offence are now required under the PACE Act 2006 to provide, amongst other samples, their DNA by way of Buccal swabs. Hence, Bermuda police are steadily building up DNA profiles of arrested persons, which will assist the detection of more crimes in the future as the offender database grows.

Guam needs DNA capability: Solved cold cases highlight importance

The Megofna conviction is a landmark event in Guam because it is the first conviction based on DNA evidence. The fact that the CSI was well-trained and during the initial investigation had noticed a scratch on the suspect and collected appropriate evidence was fortunate, because during the years that these old cases languished, science and technology improved by leaps and bounds. DNA has become the gold-standard forensic tool to help solve violent crimes across the nation.