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Expanding DNA database worthy

The Poughkeepsie Journal.com
Expanding the state’s DNA database generally has been viewed as an important way to fight crime, and with good reason.

DNA helps resolve crimes of Argentina’s Dirty War

BUENOS AIRES, Aug 26 (Reuters) – Small red coffins are stacked inside a bleak office just blocks from Argentina’s Congress, a chilling reminder of the thousands of people kidnapped and killed during the bloody 1976-1983 dictatorship.

Inside the boxes are the bones of recently identified victims of the so-called Dirty War, waiting to be picked up by relatives for a proper burial three decades after they were murdered by their own government.

RCMP labs fail in crime fight

The Times Colonist

If the Conservative government was serious about being “tough on crime” it wouldn’t tolerate a broken RCMP lab system that leaves officers routinely waiting months — or years — for critical results.

We are not talking about minor offences. In April 2009, Paul Rouxel was found dead in his Victoria apartment. Only this week, 16 months later, did police announce he was a homicide victim. Long delays in getting results from the RCMP’s Vancouver forensic lab played a major role in the destructive wait.

New regional crime lab will expedite DNA and forensic testing

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Area law enforcement agencies soon can turn to their own regional crime lab for all of their forensic testing needs — saving them weeks or even months of waiting for results from overwhelmed state-funded labs.