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Ex-SBI analyst defends withholding test results

Charlotte Observer.com

Jed Taub spent his entire career telling prosecutors whether evidence collected at crime scenes was stained with blood, a clue so critical it sometimes determined the difference between guilt or innocence.

DNA clears man of alleged hospital sex attack

San Francisco Chronicle

(08-19) 16:18 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — A judge dismissed sexual assault charges Thursday against a man who had been accused of attacking a fellow patient at San Francisco General Hospital.

DNA evidence cleared Irving Jovel, 49, of accusations that he had attacked the male patient, attorneys in the case said.

DNA Links Suspects to Tourist’s Murder

All Africa.com
DNA tests done in Canada are linking both suspects accused of robbing and murdering a German tourist in the Khomas Hochland about three years ago to scenes connected to their alleged crimes.

The results of DNA analysis carried out at British Columbia Institute of Technology Forensic Laboratories in April last year and July this year became part of the evidence in the trial of former Police officer Fanuel Festus Shipanga and his co-accused, Paulus Kamati, in the High Court in Windhoek this week.

DNA technology provided the match to trap arsonist

Wales Online
DNA evidence left on matchsticks thrown away by an arsonist who caused more than £20,000 worth of damage helped detectives convict the culprit.

The used matches were taken as evidence for examination by forensic experts after they were spotted near the scenes of fires in Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

Judge Sees Evidence to Tie Man in Shootout to Felony

The New York Times
The judge also cited testimony that a gun had been recovered from Mr. Alvarez’s hand shortly after shots were fired, that he was seen running across the street and that his DNA was on the weapon.

More DNA Samples Backed

The Wall Street Journal
The head of New York state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services called on legislators to pass legislation mandating DNA collection from everyone convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.