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How DNA evidence creates victims of chance

The New Scientist
CHARLES RICHARD SMITH has learned the hard way that you can prove almost anything with statistics. In 2009 a disputed statistic provided by a DNA analyst landed him with a 25-year jail sentence.

Onondaga man linked to 2003 sexual assault by DNA

Syracuse, NY – A town of Onondaga man was arraigned today in County Court on a sealed indictment linking him to a sexual assault that occurred in the city of Syracuse seven years ago.

Vincent C. Torres, 44, was indicted as “John Doe” based on the DNA profile authorities obtained from evidence recovered from the crime scene.

DNA links arsonist to decade-old rape case

Manhattan Local News

MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — Prosecutors matched an arson convict with a decade-old cold case rape using DNA technology, the Manhattan District Attorney said Tuesday.