Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Forensic evidence key in Plishka murder trial

The Times-Tribune.com
Wayne County District Attorney Michael Lehutsky said Mr. Plishka, 47, Onley, Va., is the sole killer in part because recent DNA testing of blood found on a .22-caliber Magnum Ithaca rifle seized from Mr. Plishka’s former Wayne County residence in 1992 cannot exclude Ms. Ronning from “being the source of that DNA.”

New Device Will Slash Time for DNA Analysis

UA News
PHOENIX – For fans of crime television shows such as “CSI” or “Law and Order,” DNA samples quickly are identified so perpetrators can be caught and sentenced within the one-hour episode.

BREAKING NEWS: Jinky Isn’t Bobby Fischer’s Daughter

Icelandic Review
A DNA analysis of a biological specimen taking from late chess master Robert J. Fischer’s body during exhumation in Iceland in July determines that Jinky, a Filipino girl, isn’t his daughter has her mother, Marilyn Young, has claimed.

DNA evidence leads to burglary arrest

Opalousas Daily World
John Hiram Buff is only the most recent individual facing added charges as the result of new technology available to the Opelousas Police Department.

Orchid Cellmark (ORCH) Awarded $10M Contract Extension Under Wales Forensic Tender Process

The Street Insider UK
Orchid Cellmark Inc. (Nasdaq: ORCH) today announced it has been awarded two-year extensions to contracts previously awarded under the North West/South West and Wales regional forensic tender process in the U.K. Total estimated annual value of the combined contracts is approximately (U.S.) $10 million (at the current foreign exchange rate).